Testimonials are a great way to evaluate a dental health provider. Here are a few folks that have written to Horton Family Dental:

“I have been a patient of Dr. Doug Horton for 35 years.  He is always caring and kind with a big smile on his face whenever I come for my checkup.  One of his hygienists, Jennifer, is the person I am so fortunate to have to clean and polish my teeth. She is very thorough and makes me feel relaxed. The office staff is equally great! I am glad to have Dr. Doug Horton as my dentist and his office staff for support.”

– Testimonial from Ruth Lancaster, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“April 21st was one of the best days of my life because this was the first time since last November that I have been able to chew my food…Dr. Horton has made this possible…Last November I had all my teeth extracted and was fitted with dentures. I have been on soft foods ever since or had to cut my food up into tiny pieces…Dr. Horton put in temporary liners at different times. This helped a lot, but I just had to wait for my gums to heal and stop shrinking. Dr. Horton never ignored me or put me off when I called. He made himself available and worked with me through the process, making me as comfortable as possible…On April 21st I got a more permanent reline. I thought this would mean being without teeth for a while, but Dr. Horton and the lab did a one-day turn around process and I picked up my teeth at the end of the day. I was really impressed at how quickly they took care of me, but also what a great job. It was better than I ever expected…I was so excited that for the first time in months I could actually chew my food. I would definitely tell you to go to Horton Family Dental with any of your dental checkups and treatment. The staff is patient and even rejoices with you when you are happy with the outcome. I like to be told the truth about what to expect and to get the best possible care that I can get. I am happy with the care and treatment and customer service provided by Horton Family Dental.”

–  Testimonial from Louetta Finch, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“My daughter Sophie is five years old and has some anxieties about going to the dentist. Jenny, our hygienist at Horton Family Dental, has always done a wonderful job with all three of my kids. She is so patient, sweet, gentle and welcoming. Sophie’s teeth tend to break more often than normal. She had to have one tooth pulled, one filled, and one capped. We decided to do all of the work at one time. Dr. Ben did her work. He is so gentle and kind.  Dr. Ben was super patient and understanding to Sophie. He reassured both Sophie and me that she did very well through the whole procedure. We coundn’t have asked for a more patient, caring person to do her dental work.  I probably was dreading the appointment as much as Sophie, but Dr. Ben made a not-so-fun appointment not-so-bad. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ben to anyone! ”

–  Testimonial from Sara Mishler, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“At Horton Family Dental, Dr. Ben Horton performed a root canal for me.  I had no pain at all.  I never even felt the needle for the anesthetic.  Ben has very talented eyes and hands and a great personality.  If you need dental work, you will not go wrong with Horton Family Dental. Thanks, Dr. Ben Horton.  You and your dad, Dr. Doug Horton, are fantastic dentists.  Your staff are wonderful folks.”

– Testimonial from Mike Ford, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“I have been a patient of Horton Family Dental for 26 years.  In that time I have always received wonderful dental care.  The staff always is extremely professional, courteous, and knowledgeable about my dental health.  Dr. Horton is so kind, considerate, and professional.  I would not trust my teeth to anyone else.  I highly recommend Horton Family Dental for all your dental care needs.  This practice is just what any individual or family needs for excellent dental care!” 

– Testimonial from MEM, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“I have been a patient of Dr. Horton since 1980.  I felt completely at ease from the very first visit with Dr. Horton.  His pleasant personality and and his sense of humor help put my fears to rest.  He took the time to explain the procedures of what needed to be done.  His staff is wonderful and very knowledgeable and very professional.  I have complete confidence in Dr. Horton and staff.  I have always come back to Dr. Horton.” 

– Testimonial from Sally Ford, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“Tom and I have been patients of Horton Family Dental for thirty years.  We truly appreciate that they:

  • Offer a warm welcome upon arrival
  • Work hard to accomodate our schedules
  • Respect our time by staying on schedule
  • Answer questions and offer complete explanations of our care
  • Willingly offer emergency care even on weekends
  • Provide high-quality dental care

We appreciate the great care.  Thank you.” 

– Testimonial from Tom & Julie Day, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Doug Horton’s for over 30 years. Today I had the pleasure of introducing my husband and son to the practice. We all saw Dr. Ben Horton and had a fantastic first experience for our son, who is 3.  Love the staff at Horton Family Dental!” 

– Kelly Skinner Barr, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“Our family has been with Dr Horton(Doug) since 1978, kids and then grandkids. Has always done outstanding dental work for us all. Now the son, (Ben) has joined the practice. Anyone looking for a new dentist ??? He is the one !!!!!”

–  Testimonial from Janice Carson, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“When I was in 4th grade my dental process began.  Every step of the way Horton Family Dental was there for me. Dr. Horton actually called me while he was off work just to see how I was doing after my surgery.  Everyone at the office is helpful and has a great heart.  If anyone was looking for a dentist, I would definitely recommend Dr. Horton.”

– Testimonial from Brenna McConnell, Cedar Rapids, Iowa