If you bring a child to Horton Family Dental, we go to great lengths to make sure very special care is provided to your little one. We relate to your child at their level to reduce uncertainty and fear. We’re extra, extra gentle. And we do our level best to give your child a great smile that can last a lifetime.

Tips to help kids have a better smile:

  • Let a grown-up help brush your teeth every morning and night. Brushy brush!
  • Teeth love crunchy fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots. Try some healthy foods today! What sounds do they make?
  • Keep your teeth and body healthy and strong! Drink lots of water and find a fun way to move today.
  • Bring your child for her first dental visit within six months ofher first tooth or by her first birthday.
  • Say “cheese”! Encourage your child to show off his teeth. Have him flash a star smile every time he brushes!
  • Every tooth counts! Help your child make sure to brush every tooth, everyday and night.
  • Dental checkups are important at every age. Schedule your child’s next visit today!
  • Children should brush for about two minutes. Play some music or sing the “ABC” song four times to help keep track of time.

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Horton Family Dental is very kid-friendly and provides gentle, professional dental care for families and children of all ages.