Offering The Very Latest In Dental Technology

Horton Family Dental employs the safest and most effective new technologies available.

Horton Family Dental employs the safest and most effective new technologies available today to treat your dental needs. We believe that using the most current dental technology allows us to efficiently diagnose and treat our patients. Computer screens are available in every operatory for patients to view digital x-rays and educational material.

  • High-definition digital 3D cone-beam scanning
  • Fast, computerized prosthetic tooth creation for crowns, inlays & bridges
  • Computer displays in every exam room
  • Invisible tooth alignment (straightening)
  • Painless dentistry, including safe, non-invasive sedation
  • One-step whitening

3D Imaging

Horton Family Dental offers an on-site cone-beam computed tomography system (CBCT).  Our CBCT system rotates around your face, scanning you with a quiet, safe, cone-shaped beam.

With the digital information this system provides, our dentists can reconstruct a three-dimensional (3D) image of your teeth, mouth, jaw, and neck.  This information helps our dentists diagnose confidently and precisely and recommend the best treatment for you.



Digital X-rays

X-rays are necessary to diagnose dental decay in between teeth. Digital x-rays are a way to accurately diagnose dental decay and other issues in the mouth while emitting the lowest amount of radiation possible. 

Digital Impressions

Our newest technology to date! No more biting on gooey impression material, we now use the Trios 3Shape Digital Scanner to make digital images of your teeth. With the click of a button, your images are sent to the lab. The ability to send digital images cuts the lab time nearly in half compared to traditional impression material. 

In-Office Milling

With the use of the Planmeca E4D Mill we are able to design and mill some inlays, onlays and crowns in our office. This allows for same day or next day restorations for your convenience.


Call Horton Family Dental today at (319) 393-0773 and ask about the new technologies available to increase your comfort, convenience, and safety.